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Vintage Clothing / Mens shirt / Aloha Tropical / Viscose / Normal fit

No idea what to pick from our shop? We got you - it's super hard even for us. Pick a surprise shirt &send us a message about the things you like (red shirt? Palm trees? Silly rave shirt? Would you prefer cotton?). We'll pack one we think is perfect for you - and not only that, we're throwing in a good discount as well (our shirts are usually 25-27 GBP)!

NOTE: the pictures above are only representative. We will pick a viscose or cotton shirt from our Archives (with your size and keeping in mind your requests). The shirts are typically anywhere from 40s to 90s era wise. Returns aren't possible, but we will swap the shirt if you send it back to us.


Miami Archives Surprise Mens Vintage Hawaiian Printed Shirt


    Miami Archives endeavours to be completely honest about our products, even if they come with slight marks. We believe every product deserves a second life and we will attempt to clean or mend anything we possibly can before putting it on a listing.
    Also note that we endeavour to research as much as we can about which era the shirts are from (the brands, the details, the print), but sometimes we have to rely on our years of experience in dealing and handling vintage to be able to discern the age.

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